Hi I’m Tommy, Nice to Meet You!

I’m Dr. Tommy Voris, commonly referred to as the “Anti-Diet Doctor,” because my wife Pamela and I lost over 100 pounds and most importantly, we’ve kept it off for over 12 years and counting, once we finally got away from dieting. And, because doing so changed everything in our lives for the better, we’re on a mission to help others do the same. I’m the author of the award winning, #1 International Bestseller, “5 Evolutions for Sustainable Weight Loss,” which reveals my proven method of losing weight without dieting, by mastering the “Inner-Game” of weight loss, or what I call, “Evolving Your Mind to Transform Your Body.” My passion is behavioral change, specifically in understanding what makes us do what we do, and most interestingly, what makes us not do all of the other things which we want to do, and yet somehow don’t. How is that we can have the best of intentions, and then give up on ourselves over and over again? And most importantly, how do we stop our habitualized, conditioned, self-sabotage and create successful lasting positive change in our lives. These are the topics which excite me the most, and as a result, I love utilizing my knowledge and passion to create the most groundbreaking corporate weight loss and wellness programs. I’m a life-long learner, an American Veteran, a family man with two amazing children, and married to my best friend Pamela, for over 27 years. I love children, and enjoy teaching elementary school kids on how to live an inspired life though “Tommy-Time” talks as seen on TED Talks. Among other traits, I’m Greek and enjoys spending summers on the tranquil Mediterranean isles of Greece.


If you’re here browsing on behalf of your company or group, congratulations, because I believe most profitable investment a company can make is in their employees. This is because when an employee’s emotional intelligence, overall happiness, and as a result, their weight is improved, everything in their life always gets better, which then translates into their engagement, attitude and productivity at work skyrocketing.

My passion is using the most current and innovative research in neuroscience, psychology, as well as behavioral science to design, and then most excitingly, implement groundbreaking corporate weight loss and wellness programs. My programs are specifically designed to help employees re-train their brains to overcome hardwired patterns and conditioned habits related to self-sabotaging in order to provide measurable, lasting positive changes.

Professional Bio

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