Hi, I’m Tommy, Nice to Meet You!

I’m Dr. Tommy Voris, known as the “Anti-Diet Doctor,” because my wife Pamela and I lost over 100 pounds once we finally got away from dieting, and as a result, our energy, productivity and every other area of our lives dramatically improved.

This is why I’m on a mission to help others do the same!

I believe the most profitable investment a company can make is in their employees. Because when an employee’s emotional intelligence, overall happiness, and as a result, their weight is improved, their attitude and productivity at work skyrockets. I utilize the most current and innovative research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science to design groundbreaking corporate weight loss and wellness programs…





Discover How the 5 Evolutions for Sustainable Weight Loss Reprograms the Subconscious Mind to Creates Lasting Behavioral Change.


-Evolve Your MIND to Transform Your BODY-


1. Get Your Power Back!

  • You will Get Your Mojo Back!
    Wake up excited, enthusiastic, and fired up, knowing in your heart of hearts, that the rest of your life, will be the best of your life. This will happen by re-discovering, re-awakening, and EVOLVING into your POWER.
  • Develop Complete Confidence and Self-Trust!
    You will experience confidence, deservingness, and 100% unwaivering trust in yourself and your abilities. This proven success cyle, will build more and more momentum as you EVOLVE into your POWER.
  • Become UNSTOPPABLE in Your Weight Loss and Life!
    When you evolve into your power, you will develop a 'No Matter What' level of commitment to your weight loss, as well as towards living your Best Life. You will say enough is enough, and stop settling in all areas of your life. You will stop settling for "good" in your life, realizing that "great" is right around the corner. Your EVOLUTION means No more giving up on yourself!

2. End Emotional Eating!

  • Recognize 'Emotional-Eating' Patterns.
    Research shows over 75% all overeating is emotionally driven. You will learn how to determine if emotional eating is sabotaging your weight loss, and if so, my specific method, to master your emotions, for you to EVOLVE beyond emotional eating once and for all.
  • Break Free from Binge Eating!
    Once you understand the emotional link to bindge eating, and implement my proven strategy, you will cut the stings of bindge eating.
  • Stop STRESS from Stopping Your Weight Loss!
    It's no secret that stress causes an increase in stress hormones making extrememly difficult, if not impossible to lose weight, but did you know it also leads to a hormonal (chemical) re-distribution of fat in the midsection, specifically around the belly? You will learn my proven process to end the hormonal tug-a-war, and finaly begin to see lasting results from all your weight loss efforts.

3. Self-Limiting Beliefs Be-Gone!

  • Destroy Subconscious Weight Loss Self-Sabotage!
    What you belive about weight loss can certainly have an effect on your waistline, but the most debilitaing and "fatening" of all beliefs, is what you currently believe about yourself. Nothing effects your weight more than your beliefs about yourself and what you currently think you're capable of. You will EVOLVE from "trying", "thinking", or "hoping" you will lose weight, to KNOWING you will.
  • Experience True Self-Love!
    Your entire EVOLUTION is primarily about your relationship with Yourself. Everything in your life will begin change for the better as you develop, and then nuture a truly healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Install Beliefs which Serve You and Your Weight Loss!
    You will construct new empowering beliefs, along with new standards, and a new self-Image which serves you and where you're heading. Most importanly, you will be given a strategy, based on current brain research to "Install" and then "support" your new beliefs, to put an end to subconscious weight loss self-sabotage.

4. Stop FEAR from Stopping Weight LOSS!

  • Reveal the 'Hidden' Saboteur of Weight Loss!
    Uncover any Fear secretly putting the brakes on your weight loss goals. Most people don't realize how subconsious fear causes procrastination, hesitation, and resistance to weight loss without them even realizing it.
  • EVOLVE Beyond any Fear Preventing Your Weight Loss!
    You will understand fear is hormonal, chemical and very real, then raise your awarness to the 3 catagories of fear around weight loss. This awareness is mandatory to Evolve Beyond Your Fear.
  • Turn the Tables on FEAR!
    You will develop the ability to move forward dispite any fear, and actually use it to propell you towards your weight loss goals. This will eliminate subconscious hesitation of going to the gym, taking a new fitness class, or even just beginning to lightly jog around the block.

5. Conquer Your Cravings!

  • Eyes Wide Open to Fend Off Your Food Cravings!
    Master my 3 simple 'rules' to raise your awareness around how Cravings become Neurologically 'Hardwired' in our brain. It is this awareness which you will use to EVOLVE beyond them.
  • Crush the "Conditioned-Response" of Your Cravings!
    Discover simple Craving-Hacks to effortlessly begin to reduce the 'Pavlov's-Dog' type of conditioned, automatic desire for the foods you crave the most, and no longer want to.
  • Cut the 'Puppet Strings' of Your Cravings!
    Finally, stop trying to rely on willpower, and instead use my very special technique adapted from behavioral science, proven for you to re-wire and conquer your cravings once and for all.